Take the stress out of finding a car loan

Take the stress out of finding a car loan

July 6 , 2018

Buying a car with bad credit

Unless you like a small group of people that live within walking distance from their work. You’re going to need to either take the bus, or drive. No one likes taking the bus, so you need a car. But if you have had problem in the past and your credit report reflects these problems what options does a person have? You can

  • Go to a car dealership and pick out a modest car.
  • Meet with a sales person and go into their office and fill out 7 long pages of info
  • Wait for them to come back with what you’re interest rate and payment will be
  • Try not to break out crying when you are told your $15K loan will come with a $400 payment and a 20% interest rate!

Of course, you’re sitting in the sales persons off feeling like this is the best offer you’re going to get because after all they told you “I’m really working hard for you” they aren’t. They just met you 45 minutes ago walking around the lot. They are in the business of selling cars. And I’d be willing to bet they get commission on that loan that carries a 20% interest rate when you sign. So, the truth they aren’t trying to get that interest rate any lower. So, after sitting there feeling like this is the best you’re going to get you sign the docs and resent the entire experience.

Online car loans made simple

Rather than go through all that above how about cut out that whole sales persons step and apply online for your car loan. Here at JustGetMeApproved.com what we do is make the car buying experience so much easier. Rather than go to a car dealership and sit in their office and get intimidated into thinking their deal is the best you’re going to get. You can do a simple 3 step process with us

  • Step 1 Apply for a car loan
  • Step 2 Talk with several lenders from our network and select the best loan for you
  • Step 3 Go to any car dealership and pick out a car that is within your loan amount

Nowhere in there do you read the words pressured, intimidated, or anything like that. We want you to have choices on what loan you select. Some people don’t have the usual 8-5 work life. Some have jobs that pay a small hourly rate but pay out big commission bonuses at the end of the month. And the network of lenders we work with understand this and will work with people. Car dealership finance managers will look for reasons to penalize you for something, while our lenders will look for ways to work with you.

Best bad credit car loan

Because it is impossible to know what ever lenders in Americas interest rate is for a bad credit car loan. No one can guarantee they have the “best rates” and our lenders don’t claim that either. They do claim that they do the best they can to find a loan program to get people into a car loan that works for them.

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