Take the hassle out of applying for an auto loan

Take the hassle out of applying for an auto loan

July 6 , 2018

Buying a car for your child for graduation is a great way to help them get started

This time every year high school seniors all across the country graduate from high school. Many go off to college out of state to further their education. Since they are no longer living at home they can't just ask to "borrow the car" anymore. So helping then get their own set of wheels will be very helpful. But of course they won't have much credit considering they are young.

One way to take the hassle out of getting a car loan is to let JustGetMeApproved do all the work for you.

Getting a car loan can be a stressful experience. You have to drive to a dealer and pick out a car. Then go into their office and be more or less intimidated into taking their loan. And you get a feeling like you can't leave until you sign. Wouldn't that experience be SO much more relaxing if it were over the phone? That is what happens when you apply for a loan here. You're information is securely sent to the network of lenders we work with. From there they can evaluate what they can do for you. So you're getting the benefit of several lenders trying to lend to you. Don't like what rate they tell you. No problem tell them you want to think about it and will call them back. Wait a little bit and another lender will contact you and let you know what they can do for you. It give you the borrower more control and less to the lender.

What happens after you get approved for your car loan?

Simple...you go shopping for a car that fit within your loan amount. When you find it you tell the sales person that you already have financing lines up and give them the lender you decided to go with contact info and let them do the paperwork while you text your friends pictures of your new car and post it all over Facebook 🙂

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