car loan with bad credit lenders calling borrowers
Lenders battling for your car loan

Your FICO score seems to be what most lenders care about anymore

Which isn’t fair because a lot of things affect a person’s credit score. For example, in 2017 1 in 15 people were a victim of identity theft. Getting your credit repaired is not a quick process. It takes a lot of time and a heck of a lot of phone calls following up. While people are getting everything fixed sometimes people need to buy a car. And it isn’t fair that someone stole your identity and ruined your credit and now you pay the price for their actions.

Sure you can just go to a local lender

And have them run your credit and see its destroyed and try and explain to them you were a victim of identity theft. And that you’re working on getting everything all straightened out. But they are going to tell you to either come back when it is all straightened out. Or they will say they’re going to lend but at a high rate because “I’m sorry to hear about your situation but well your credit score is bad, and we have to adjust the interest rate based on the risk of the loan”.  If you accept the first offer you’re presented because you’re desperate to get a loan. And think this lender is the only one that is going to give you a loan.

Let help you shop around for a lender
Let help you shop around for a lender

You’ll more than likely end up paying higher interest rates and fees

And getting ripped off by shady lenders. Bad credit is a drawback for lenders. After all lenders aren’t in the business of lending money out to lose it. They want to lend it out to the least risky borrower possible and get it all back with interest right on time. However, you don’t have to accept whatever the first lenders have to offer you. A good way to find out if there is a better loan is to shop around for other options. You’ll soon find out that there are plenty of lenders willing to approve your loan. Some with even higher rates, and other at more reasonable rates.

How do you find the time to shop around when everyone is so busy?

An easy way to shop around and apply to many lenders all at once is to apply online at They work with a really big network of lenders. When you fill out the application on the website. Your info is sent securely into the network of lenders. From there a bunch of lenders can decide if they want to fund a loan for you, or pass. Some lenders like to lend to very little risk borrowers. They would rather make a less interest on a loan, but not have to worry about getting their money back on time. Other lenders specialize in higher risk loans for people with bad credit scores. They understand the risks of bad credit score borrowers and are willing to take the risk associated with lending to those borrowers. Knowing other lenders in the network are also evaluating your info and trying to get your loan the interest rate can possibly lower because of competition. Leading to your monthly car payment possibly be less expensive.

Rather than going to one lender and they tell you “this is the rate you get”

You get to turn the tables and have lenders calling you and asking you for your business. Doesn’t that sound like a lot better way to get a car loan. And after you pick the lender you want to work with you will know everything upfront. You’ll know how much your loan will be. And what the payment will be. Unlike at a car dealership with those shady onsite finance managers try and slide garbage fees into your loan. With these lenders you know everything upfront. From there you get to go have fun picking out a car within your loan amount limits. And posting selfie after selfie on your social media account showing off your new ride! If you would like to apply online visit and get started today!