Car loans in Long Beach Apply online with us today!

Car loans in Long Beach Apply online with us today!

May 29 , 2019

Car loans in Long Beach

A car is not only a vehicle for transportation. A lot of people feel their car is a reflection of their personality. An exquisite design, power, and color are a few of the reasons, which make people buy vehicles. However, few working class people have the ability to just strut into a car dealership and just write a check for a car. Therefore, car loans are there to help you to buy a car. Sadly, a lot of people have a credit score that is really low. That is where we come in. We are and we help get people connected with lenders. Lenders that work with people that apply for car loans in Long Beach. Because gone are the days of the big banks helping the little guy with bad credit get a car loan.

People looking over their credit report
Pull your credit report and check for errors or mistakes

Before you apply for a car loan pull your credit report

There seems to be databases to remember just about everything you do anymore. However, people do data entry, and people make mistakes. What might seem like an minor data entry error could end up damaging your credit rating big time. Someone could have entered the wrong account number in their system and entered on your account a late payment. It isn’t also not uncommon for a person with a common name like Jose Torres to have other Jose’s info on their report. As a result of a data entry error. So, go online and pull your credit report for free and look at it. Don’t be afraid to question something that looks wrong. For example, if you have never opened a credit card with a certain store, but have an account in your name. Call them and ask what that is all about. Removing any errors on your credit report will help you when you apply for your car loan.


Research values of the car you are looking to purchase

If you think the car dealership is going to give you “the lowest price possible” you’re kidding yourself. They are confident people are going to walk up to their lot and find a car that looks nice. Take it out for a test drive. Then follow the sales person into their office and buy the car. Never questioning the sticker price. Don’t fall for this. Say you live in Long Beach and at Honda they have a car you want. Before you drive over and buy it. See what Toyota has. They might have a similar car over there. After you have decided which car you want to buy. Do yourself a favor. Research online what the car is selling for. Because of this knowledge you could show the sales person this info and save  $400 on the price of the car.


Select a lender
We have many lenders we work with

Selecting the lender is the last step

Because you will have checked out your credit report and researched what the car is worth. The final thing you need to do is get a loan. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain. If you go to a car dealership and sit in the sales persons office. They are going to use every trick they have to get you to finance with them. They will earn a commission on your loan on top of the commission for selling you the car if you finance with them. Which is a huge mistake. See just like when you looked around at other dealerships for comparable cars. You need to do the same thing with your lender. Here is a link to a video explaining it. However, no one has the time to sit down and call a bunch of different lenders. So how can you get a range of what interest rate you could qualify for? Easy, just apply online with justgetmeapproved.comWhen you apply with us your loan information is securely sent to the network of lenders we work with. Some lenders might decide to pass on it. While others will want an opportunity to lend to you. By filling out our single online application. Several lenders will contact you telling you what they can do for you. That is beneficial to you. When lenders compete for your loan that helps keep the interest rate lower.


Final thoughts

Unless you would rather be trapped in a sales person office. And be told by the finance manger in the other room what they are going give you for a rate. And you are stressed so you believe them when they say it’s the best rate you’re going to get. We help you remove that entire stressful step of the car buying process. With us is as simple as apply online, pick a lender. Then go get yourself a car! Apply online today!

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