buying a car from a car dealership is possibly better at the end of the month
Car dealerships need to sell their quota each month

When buying a car don’t forget dealerships have a quota of cars they need to sell each month

When you set out buying a car and drive down some auto mall in your local town. Don’t forget all the manufactures from Honda to Toyota to Ford to Hyundia. All of them manufacture cars and sell them to dealerships. It is the job of the dealership to sell the cars to people. It takes time to build a car. So, a dealership orders the cars months out in advance. When the manufacture calls the dealership to tell them they are shipping them their order of cars. The dealership better have the room on their lot to be able to take these cars. If the manufacture calls and says they are shipping an order of 20 cars today, and they will arrive in 3 days. And the dealership says something like “oh I’m not ready for them. I don’t have the room. Do not ship them yet.” How upset do you think the manufacture is going to be? You guess right VERY upset. So, dealerships need to honor their commitments with the manufactures by taking delivery of their orders on time. Otherwise the manufactures can just decide to play hardball and push a certain dealerships order back over and over. Purposely running that dealership out of cars. Soon the dealership will have nothing but an empty lot with no cars to sell. Or even worse ship them slow moving cars that will just sit on their lot that no one wants to buy. And the dealership ends up having to mark them down and taking a loss just to get rid of them. So, if the dealership commits to selling 50 Toyotas a month. And it the 26th of the month and they have only sold 44 cars. That is when the dealership is going to start working deals with people to get those last 6 cars sold to make their monthly quota.


when buying a car make sure your sales agent explains everything
Top selling agents get monthly bonuses

Another reason buying a car at the end of the month is better

Most car dealerships pay their sales people an hourly rate of pay. Usually minimum wage, or a small amount above that. The real money for car sales people is made when they sell a car. A typical sales person can make $300-$500 commission per car they sell. However, its common at car dealerships to have some form of a monthly bonus for their top selling agent. So, toward the end of the month if two sales people are tied each having sold 16 cars. And you come walking in and are are interested in buying a car that day. And one of them gets to work with you. Knowing they could pull into the lead for the month by selling you a car. You better believe they are going to work with you a lot to get you to close a deal, so they get their bonus. But before you walk onto a car dealership and pick out a car. Then get marched into a sales person office and fill out their huge car loan application. Then have their finance manager tell you what they will do for you. Apply online at They work with a large network of lenders. More lenders mean more options for you. Which could mean a smaller car payment. After you fill out the online application several of their lenders will contact you with what amount and payment and interest rate they will lend to you. After you hear from a few lenders you will get an idea of the range of interest rate you can get. So, you will be better prepared when you visit your local car dealership. Don’t just blindly take the word of their finance manager. Let do the leg work for you!